Monthly Archives: December 2012


I’ve always been lacking in motivation. I find it difficult to get off my ass to do anything, even things that I think will be fun. I want to do a lot of things, but am too lazy to go about doing them.

Despite this, I’ve had a successful career. I’ve been lucky that I can be good at my job without much effort. I had a college friend say to me (somewhat bitterly), “Who would have thought that you’d be the most successful out of all of us?” Actually, I love my job, but as I’ve said, I’m lazy, so I am not as good as I probably could be if I applied myself.

Ironically, I’m married to the most motivated person in the world. He is the opposite of lazy. He started his own business a few years ago and has been working really hard to build it up. Recently, because he loves me and because he knows I’m a lazy bitch, he gave me the choice to retire on my 40th birthday. That’s when he’s estimated that we’ll be able survive on the business income.

I know there are tons of stay at home moms out there and it is nothing new, but to me this is an amazing offer. I’ve worked since I was 14. (Even younger if you count the time in elementary school when I solicited all my friends to buy my self-published magazine. I cut paper into small rectangles, stapled them together, and wrote lame made-up jokes and stories on them. I charged $1 per issue and made around $20). My parents were always poor, so if I wanted anything I had to get a job and work for it. I have no idea how it will feel like to not work. I might get bored in 3 weeks and want to go back. Or I might become MORE lazy.

In any case, his offer has made me waaaay less motivated, knowing I’m going to retire in less than 2 years. Which is why I wrote this blog post instead of working.